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Looking for naruto manga 661? then you’re in the right place. naruto 661 narutobuckss is a High Quality, Fastest Update Manga readers will be the first have high quality naruto 661 scan online, get notify about naruto  releases by subscrible to us. The naruto manga 661 will be added on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. They should lose the shroud for now. It may be permanent but it remains on as long as Naruto has it activated and hasn’t run out of it. The last time they did was when he used all of it to protect them from the Juubi’s Tenpen Chii so it ran out from everyone, even Naruto’s.

naruto manga 661

I’m glad I’m not a fan nor an anti-fan of Minato’s. My expectations are pretty much straight with what happened- Minato’s a cold, calculating genius in battle but a big softie for those he cares about. Tobi strikes a cord between the two, and Minato hesitates as he damn well should given the circumstances. Minato can’t help that the circumstances are that ridiculous. He’s displaying human emotion in a situation where he couldn’t have known that black Zetsu was going to go all Venom and hijack his former pupil’s body.

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