One Piece Chapter 734 | One Piece 734 Raw

Begin reading one piece 734 in this one piece Manga blog. This is one piece Manga 734 Chapter scans online. one piece Chapter 734 can be read in this page and will be updated to bring you the anticipated scanlations on its release date. It’s been confirmed by more experience translators that all the gladiators in D-block were attacked and that it happened so fast that no one could see it. It’s not CoC, but a really strong and fast physical attack. Sabo says what incredible speed, and that he’s heard rumors of such speed. This gives signs that it is Rebecca and she just happened to fall down after releasing the attack. It might tire her out some for going so fast so she collapses for a couple of seconds.

one piece manga 734

If it is not CoC, but a case of speed, and we are confused due to poor translation, as asceventura said, then that would be pretty terrible for a cliffhanger, since the speed feat has got to be Rebecca’s, especially in the light of it being a Rebecca chapter, and toy soldier famous for his speed and his lightning nickname. And the reveal I am so hyped for, to just turn out to Rebecca, would be demotivating.

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