Naruto Chapter 659 | Naruto 659

You can get an early naruto 659 spoilers of the Manga every Tuesday while the naruto 659 scans English version were out on Wednesday. Madara use Susanoo with no eyes? Sasuke and Itachi repeatedly emphasized that Susanoo required two eyes to work, and with Kakashi and Danzo it’s clear the abilities are contained in the eyes themselves. Calling bs aswell, the condition to use susanoo was stated and Obito was not able to use it case he got only one eye, so what the frak?

naruto 659 scans

So he can just transplant eyes at will without any consequences? Yeah he is Madara and has Senju and Uchiha genes but come on. I guess Naruto really will have to absorb all the Bijuu to stand a chance against Madara. And again how is he able to use Susanoo without any eyes? Naruto has been a major letdown over the past 2 years. I think you need two mangekyou to unlock Susanoo. Not use it. I mean, it makes sense when you consider that the technique, unlike every other mangekyou jutsu, comes from the body’s cells rather than the eyes. Amaterasu? Hits where the user’s eyes are focusing. Tsukuyomi? Requires eye contact. Susanoo? Produces chakra out of the person’s body. His body is still present, but his eyes aren’t.

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